TD Bank Tree Days Regreens Edgewood Street With New Shade Trees


Regreen Springfield, in partnership with TD Bank, planted 36 new shade trees on Edgewood Street, in the Bay Neighborhood, on Wednesday, October 24th. Over 40 TD Bank employees from Massachusetts worked to plant the new trees, and helped to make the neighborhood a bit greener, healthier and more sustainable. Plus, it now looks a lot more visually appealing, supports wildlife and will help cool the houses on the street.

The City of Springfield Forestry Division of the Parks Department and students from the University of Massachusetts and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture also joined in the planting trees and provided logistical and technical assistance. City Forester Alex Sherman, Assistant Forester Marcus Catlett and the arborists from the Division led the volunteers in getting the trees planted properly.

This was the fourth time that TD and Regreen have partnered to restore the tree canopy in Springfield’s neighborhoods. Over 200 trees have been planted as part of this effort, and the impact has been pronounced, since most of the streets previously had no trees growing on them. Based on calculations compiled by the US Forest Service, the trees that have been planted will provide over $535,000 in energy savings and other benefits over the next 15 years. This will increase as the trees continue to grow toward maturity.

To learn more about the i-Tree software tools that were used by the Forest Service to calculate the benefits, visit

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