In Your Neighborhood

Did you know that a typical tree removes 10 pounds of pollutants each year? Two average sized trees can supply a person’s oxygen needs. Trees can reduce heating and cooling costs by 15 – 30%! Houses on tree-lined streets sell for up to 20% more. Neighborhoods with more trees tend to be safer with less crime. Trees also help intercept and retain 760 gallons of rainwater each year, keeping our rivers clean. By planting trees we can make our neighborhood and city a much better place to live.

Many organizations, agencies and individuals are working in partnership with the City of Springfield to restore our urban tree canopy through the upcoming planting of street trees to shade sidewalks, streets, homes and yards. The top priority is planting native canopy trees (includes: oak, maple, tupelo, elm) that, when mature, provide shade which will be so welcome back in our neighborhoods,  to beautify the streetscapes, absorb water run-off, provide wildlife habitat and of course cool our streets, homes and sidewalks. Healthy trees improve communities by making outdoor activities such as walking and bicycling more pleasant and they increase property value. Investing in larger trees makes it much more likely that the City of Springfield will reach its goals of regreening our city.

For more information on the work taking place across the City, just click on your neighborhood below –

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