Artist in Residency Program – Call for Artists

The US Forest Service Urban Field Station Artist Residency Program is a year-long residency for artists, of all disciplines, created by the Forest Service, ReGreen Springfield, the City of Springfield and The Nature of Cities. Artists engage with land managers and researchers to better understand, represent, and communicate about urban social- ecological systems through works of art and imagination.

The program’s mission is to promote understanding of and engagement with urban ecology through art. The Urban Field Station Network understands cities as social-ecological systems, and this year’s call for artists focuses on the theme of connectivity.

One artist will be selected for a year-long residency at the US Forest Service’s Amherst-Springfield Urban Field Station. The residency is dedicated to a local artist currently living in the metro area of Springfield, MA. Duration is 12 months, beginning in January 2022.  The selected artist will work with the Forest Service in arranging the specific start date of the residency based on their desired time and availability.

A $3,000 stipend will be awarded to the Artist in Residence. Forest Service researchers as well as staff from ReGreen Springfield and the Springfield Parks Department, including ecologists, scientists, naturalists and forest managers are able to provide guidance and support of Artist in Residency projects. Staff are available to assist but not responsible for creating or installing the work. It is expected that high profile public and private events, exhibits, performances and classes will promote awareness of the urban landscape, while promoting the work of the artist and the Residency program.

Additional Information and FAQs
Click here to access more information and FAQs

To Apply
All applications must be submitted online via the online portal.  All applications must be submitted by December 31, 2021. To complete your application, please visit h

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