Join in the Tree Planting Effort

Since the  regreening of Springfield will not be an easy task, nor will it be able to be completed overnight, many volunteers will be needed to assist in the tree planting effort.  We know that the tree canopy cannot be replanted in one single year, and that it make take seveal planting seasons to accomplish Regreen Springfield’s goal of getting 4000 new trees planted along the streets and in public parks.  You can help to make this regreeing effort a success by volunteering to assist in a tree planting event in a Springfield neighborhood.

In the Fall 2011, the first trees were planted with the help of several organizations including the Springfield Arbor Allies, Springfield Technical Community College, Putnam Vocational School, and the Sabis International Charter School.  The Spring of 2012 saw nearly 600 new trees planted along Springfield’s treebelts.  In the Summer of 2012, over 1000 large shade trees were planted on private property, in an effort to establish a canopy of ‘Energy Saving’ trees across the tornado impacted zone of the city.  Now, your help is needed to continue these efforts with a major planting initiatives that will be taking place over the next few planting seasons.

If you can volunteer to help plant trees, please consider joining the effort.  If you are not able to plant, but can provide logistical and planning support, including clerical, database, mapping or web assistance, please join us for even a few hours. You will be glad that you did!

To assist in the Regreen Springfield effort, please click the button on the left.

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