Volunteer Today… You’ll be glad you did!

good-works-18984_135-508x338Please Join Us to Make a Difference!

Why not consider helping Regreen Springfield carry out its work to ‘regreen the city, one tree at a time?’

Giving, even a small amount of time to Regreen, will make a big difference in helping us to make  Springfield’s urban forest a bit greener and more vibrant.  Whether it be helping to plant trees, nurturing fruit orchards, collecting water samples form urban streams, teaching neighborhood residents, or even helping with our clerical work in the office, you can really gain valuable experience, have fun and make a difference in the quality of life for Springfield’s residents.

Our work covers a large amount of ground… literally.  From planting trees, to conducting scientific studies with agencies like the US Forest Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and NASA, you will be part of a truly amazing organization.  You will work with professionals, neighborhood residents, students, peers and other great folks, as you spend a few hours with us.

Please complete a brief survey, by clicking on the following link, so that we can tell you about our current volunteer opportunities.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT  VOLUNTEERING.  



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