Volunteer Opportuities

Why not consider joining in the fun at ReGreen Springfield by volunteering a few hours a year. We need folks like you to help us carry out our mission, and every hand makes a real difference.

Here are some volunteer opportunities that you might consider if you volunteer with ReGreen Springfield:

Tree planting and care: This involves helping to plant trees, watering and mulching trees, and removing invasive plants from around trees.
Community outreach and education: This includes tabling at events, giving presentations, or leading tours of ReGreen Springfield projects.
Administrative support: This includes helping with data entry, answering phones, or organizing events.
Grant writing and fundraising: This involves researching grant opportunities, writing grant proposals, and soliciting donations.
Event planning and coordination: This could involve planning and coordinating events such as tree plantings, community workshops, and fundraising events.
Landscaping and gardening: This could involve helping to plant and maintain gardens, weeding, and removing debris.
Forest Park Arboretum Initiative: This work involves the cataloging of trees in the park, and educational programming related to trees and the environment.
Environmental monitoring:
This could involve collecting data on water quality, air quality, and wildlife populations.
Trail maintenance: This could involve clearing trails of debris, repairing signs, and building new trails.
Green infrastructure projects: This could involve helping to install rain gardens, green roofs, and other green infrastructure projects.
Climate advocacy: This could involve writing letters to elected officials, attending public hearings, and organizing educational events.

And other tasks like:
Helping organize volunteer events; Developing educational materials; Managing social media accounts; Answering emails and phone calls; and Researching new projects

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