Purchasing a Watering Bag Supports Regreening Efforts


If you would like to purchase a Vensovo 20-gallon slow-release watering bag for your tree(s), you can buy them from Regreen Springfield. The profits from sales of the bags will help fund the planting of additional trees across the city.

Your investment in your own tree, through the purchase of a Vensovo watering bag, will pay dividends in two ways: 1) your tree will be watered properly and 2) your purchase helps support new tree plantings by Regreen Springfield in neighborhoods across the city.

20 Gallon Gatorbags are $26.00 each. Remember, the bags can be zipped together to provide watering to larger caliper trees. This is particularly useful during the driest summer months, when even mature trees need supplemental watering, during dry periods.

 To ORDER YOUR IRRIGATION BAG(S) please visit https://forms.gle/sjJUq1Nv2DzqYwjq5

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Poor Brook Project Update – March 2022

ReGreen Springfield has been working on a community-based restoration and educational program in the Poor Brook Watershed in Springfield.  An update on work completed to date has been released.  To view the report, please Click Here.

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January 8th – Winter Forest Exploration Walk

Join us on January 8th from 10:00 AM – Noon, for a leisurely walk through several natural areas of Forest Park.  We will meet at 10:00 AM at the ECOS Environmental Center, and we will be heading out into the woodlands to explore the winter landscapes of the park.  We will examine the winter habitat areas of the lower park area surrounding Porter Lake and Pecousic Brook.

The walk will be leisurely and will travel along existing trails that are open during the winter months.  We will travel about 1 mile round-trip.  Please plan to dress accordingly to the weather conditions for the day, and wear boots for a more comfortable experience.

Additional details about this family-friendly event will be provided as we get closer to the day of the walk.  For more information visit www.regreenspringfield.org/explore


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