Tree Watering Bags Being Distributed to Residents

‘TreeGator’ watering bags are now being distributed to all households that received a new tree as part of the Energy Savings Tree Program.  One bag per residence are being provided, at no charge, in an effort to ensure that trees are watered during the remainder of the summer and through this fall.  Proper watering is critical to the successful establishment of these new trees, and the TreeGators make the process of watering much simpler.  By slowly releasing the contents of the watering bag over a 6-9 hour period, the trees receive a measured amount of water at a rate that is most beneficial to its health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the instructions provided on the backside of the tag that is found at the top of the treegator bag.  It is important that you lift the tag up in order read the instructions, and to access the opening in the bag which is used to add the water.

If you have had a tree planted on your property by ReGreen Springfield and the City of Springfield, you should expect a TreeGator at your door by August 31st.

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