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The STEW-MAP Springfield Project, is collecting information about civic groups and organizations that engage in environmental stewardship work in the Springfield area. Even if your organization does not primarily focus on environmental issues, you may still care for the environment in some fashion, and we invite you to complete the survey today. To add your responses to the survey, please visit

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The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project or STEW-MAP is a database that gives the public access to see who is taking care of our environment. This community organizing tool can be applied to strengthen capacity, promote engagement with on-the-ground projects, and build more effective partnerships among stakeholders.

STEW-MAP does this by helping communities, governments, land management agencies, and nonprofits understand the social fabric of a landscape. STEW-MAP helps land managers make more informed decisions with stakeholders and stewards in mind. STEW-MAP data can accelerate city-wide conservation by promoting coordination, collaboration, and synergies across mixed ownerships and among diverse stewardship groups. STEW-MAP also provides network information that can be crucial for emergency preparedness and recovery.

STEW-MAP databases and interactive maps allow land managers, community organizations, non-profits, and the public to see where hundreds of environmental stewardship groups are working in a particular landscape of interest. STEW-MAP also allows smaller groups to connect with larger organizations and agencies to receive guidance and support. STEW-MAP displays the area of activity, or ‘stewardship turf,’ of each group. Stewardship turf could be an entire park, a forest patch, or a watershed. Geographic data can be used to better understand demographic and environmental characteristics of communities.

During this time of social, economic, environmental and public health upheaval, STEW-MAP is more important than ever. The launch of Springfield’s STEW-MAP initiative is taking place at an opportune time for the city, and will help us as we continue our urban greening efforts in all of our neighborhoods.

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To view the kick-off event for the STEW-MAP Springfield Project, held on June 24, 2020, please click here.

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