Rooting knowledge into the community

Regreen Springfield, a non-profit organization trying to make a difference in our community, has gone out, marked and modified 750-acres of Forest Park into a botanical garden of trees, or simply an arboretum. Regreen has gathered many volunteers to help with the identification of the trees in order to make a stable database for future references, and for the people who want to know what they’re looking at in their garden of trees, so that they might learn a thing or two about their environment.

The President of Regreen, David Bloniarz, has come out to say that the project is very much in progress, and that you won’t need a degree in order to help identify the trees in the park. Regreen’s mission is to give life to the growing community of trees that Forest Park has, and to make the community a group of scientists when it comes to the environment regarding tree life.

Regreen currently has trees planted and indexed all along the park that surrounds Walker Stadium.

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