Heritage Trees of the Museum District

pictureTake a tour of Springfield’s neighborhoods to see some of the largest and most beautiful trees in the city.

Regreen Springfield and the City of Springfield, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, the Greening the Gateway Cities Program and the Massachusetts Dept of Conservation and Recreation invite you to take some time to look around Springfield and experience a whole new world… just by looking up and around you… as you travel through the city’s neighborhoods.

“A heritage tree is typically a large, individual tree with unique value, which is considered irreplaceable.” Peter Coates, 2006

You can enjoy our online story map tour here

Download the Heritage Trees of the Museum District PDF here

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Forest Park Arboretum Project

ReGreen Springfield, aided with a grant from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, have begun an initiative to bring a nationally recognized arboretum to Forest Park with the goal of educating residents of Springfield about the trees they have been passing by for years without second thought. Hopefully the arboretum will encourage a conscious engagement between people and trees.


So far, we have 300 trees cataloged in an interactive database, which is not yet live, with 90 of the trees already tagged. Our goal is to have all 300 of the cataloged trees tagged by October 2019, and a further 200 trees tagged by the same time next year, totaling 500 trees by August 2020.

Our final goal with this project is to make the Forest Park Arboretum a world-class institution with 1,500 trees, community volunteering plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal due to the limited resources and funding of our non-profit.


“Our mission is to nurture the arboretum into a regional environmental learning center”


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to be involved with what would be the fourth nationally recognized arboretum in Western Massachusetts, please email us at:  info@regreenspringfield.org

For additional details you can visit:  http://regreenspringfield.com/arboretumdashboard/

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Off the Great Outdoors: Scavenger Hunts for Environmental Learning

huntJoin Us This Summer in Exploring Some of  Springfield Parks Great Scavenger Hunt Adventures!

ReGreen Springfield, in partnership with the City of Springfield Parks Department and the Department of Health and Human Services,  have created (4) environmentally based ‘scavenger hunts’ in the city, these ‘scavenger hunts’ are located in natural spaces throughout various parks in Springfield. 


treasurehuntPlease join your friends, family, and neighbors in kicking off this unique program that combines exercise, nature exploration and helps learn about navigation in the great outdoors.

For more information, call 413-523-0014.

If you want to get a head start on the adventures, you can try the sample adventures that we have available in the Abbey Brook Watershed, Van Horn Park, and Forest Park. Just click on the links below to learn more about each hunt.

Forest Park Expedition – Visit https://actionbound.com/bound/forestpark

Abbey Brook Watershed Expedition – Visit https://actionbound.com/bound/abbeybrook

Van Horn Park East Expedition – Visit https://actionbound.com/bound/vanhornwest

Van Horn Park West Expedition – Visit https://actionbound.com/bound/vanhorneast

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