Has Your Energy Savings Tree Been Planted? It Needs Water….Now!!

If you have received your new Energy Savings tree, and it has been planted in your yard, it is important that you help to keep it alive and survive the hot summer temperatures of August.  You will also be receiving a ‘Treegator®’ drip watering bag in the next week or so, in order to help make your maintenance work a bit easier. See instructions for the ‘treegator’ below.

However, in the meantime, your tree still needs water.  Lots of it, at that!  This hot, dry weather is not good for the establishment of newly planted trees, and the only way that you can be assured of a healthy tree is if you water it during these dry periods.  Newly planted trees require 25 gallons of water, approximately 1.5 inches of rainfall, per week to survive. (We like to call this “25 to Stay Alive”!) During extended periods of little or no rainfall and/or high temperatures, trees need your help.

Deep watering to a depth of 12” inches below the soil surface is recommended.  Saturate the soil around the tree within the “dripline” (the outer edges of the tree’s branches) to disperse water down toward the roots.

The objective is to water slowly, dispersing the flow of water to get the water deep down to the trees roots. Wateringfor short periods of time only encourages shallow rooting which can lead to more drought damage. Don’t dig holes in the ground in an effort to water deeply.  This dries out roots even more. A soil needle/deep root feeder attached to a hose is acceptable to insert into the ground if your soil is not too hard and compact.

For information on the ‘Treegator®’, just visit www.treegator.com
To order your own ‘gator’, Click Here.

For more information, please visit www.regreenspringfield/water

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