Forest Park Arboretum Volunteer Continue Work in Forest Park

27468091275_238dbbef31_oOver the past few weeks, community volunteers working at ‘Arboretum Assistants’ have mapped and gathered information on over 100 new trees in Forest Park, which now brings the total to nearly 300 trees.  The location information, along with the tree species, size and other details will entered into the arboretum database, as part of the ongoing effort to create the first Class 3 Arboretum in the region.

Using smartphone mapping and data collection technology, teams of volunteers have been canvasing various sectors of the park collecting information and photos. In early August, aluminum tree tags will be attached to the first 50 trees in the Arboretum, and subsequent trees will be tagged as part of several work sessions planned for September.

If you would like to participate in this exciting effort, please let us know, and we can get you up to speed.  You will learn to identify trees, or fine tune your skills, and take part in an new community education initiative that will make a difference in the lives of urban residents.

To assist, just send an email to

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