Many groups and organizations are particpating in the effort to Regreen Springfield. Generous donations from coprporate sponsors including PeoplesBank and Sixteen Acres Garden Center, and many more individual residents are helping to get new trees planted along the streets of Springfield

Why don’t you consider joining this effort by ‘adopting’ a public shade tree that will be planted in the tornado zone.  Your contribution will ensure that a healthy tree is properly planted and cared for over the next three years, with watering, nurturing and pruning, so that will have a great start as it contributes to the environmental health and aesthetic beauty of our tree lined streets.

Your ‘adoption’ will ensure that your name will be forever associated with ‘your tree’ and you will be honored on a permanent marker which will be placed in a greenspace within the tornado zone.  Trees can also be adopted in memory of an individual or loved one, and they will be recognized on the permanent marker. 

The cost to adopt a tree is $500, which is tax-decuctable and includes installation and maintenace.  You can designate the neighborhood in which you would like your tree planted, as well as select an appropriate species, via a personal consultation with a member of the Springfield Forestry Divison’s arboricultural staff. 

To learn more about the Adopt-a-Tree program, please click the button on the left.

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